The UNICOM company provides exhibition stands modeling and building services as well as booking of pavilions area what plays a significant role in your brand promotion success at an exhibition. A place offered by the organizer not always can be perfect that’s why we check all existing options to choice the right place or we even can include the space renting to our contract on behalf of a customer. An exhibition stand price can be not paid off if the participation effect will be insignificant. As a reason for this can be a wrong stand location as well.

So, what is an influence of the exhibition stand location on the effectiveness of the fair participation? In most cases a particular place with the large flow of target visitors attending your exhibition stand guarantees the success. But a lot depends on a goal you want to achieve. The prices of exhibition stands close located to the main people flows are high enough. For instance, near a pavilion doors or where the hallways are crossing. But these costs will have financial return only in case if your product presented well and attracted a large number of potential customers.

There is another case of exhibition participation purposes. Well-known brand companies can be placed at the distant parts of exhibition pavilion because they recognize that customers will always visit them. There is the possibility to reduce space renting costs. Having saved budget you can do better individual design project that will surprise your regular customers and competitors. Building expensive exhibition stands is usually made for creating a business meeting events for the pre-planned negotiations and meetings.

Exhibition stand prices

Exhibition stand type Price for sq. m.
Standard plus from 110 EUR per sq. m.
Individual stand from 170 EUR per sq. m.
Two-storied stand from 250 EUR per sq. m.
Truss stand from 140 EUR per sq. m.

The UNICOM team will help you to plan a total exhibition budget including the prices for stand building and designing, hall space rental, all connection orders and etc. This approach allows to come up with a balanced budget taking into account all possible expenditures.