Exclusive or standard exhibition stand?

This question arises by choosing an exhibition stand. And it’s not that simple and obvious to answer this question. For example, an individual exhibition stand often decorated by wooden or plastic elements. A booth which is built using exhibition modular systems is referred to as a standard stand. Nevertheless, there are also examples of expositions built with the modular system Octanorm which look more attractive than an expensive non-standard stands and allows to reduce costs up to 25-40%.

Let us take a look at some features of different kinds of exhibition constructions. Our company classifies exhibition stands according to the mounting technology and materials used in their building.

Standard exhibition stand

This is the most common exhibition stand type. Usually exhibition organizers offer this type of exhibition construction along with the rent of space. Standard stands are assembled of modular aluminum profiles and white laminated wall sheets. This is the most cost-effective solution. We offer standard building of expositions with the price from 30 EUR per sq. m.

Standard plus exhibition stand

Octanorm or Maxima exhibition modular systems are often used for creating of a bright and inexpensive exhibition stand designs. The system elements give an opportunity to build stands even up to 6 m high. Decoration of stand surfaces with color printed films, different banners and design graphics will make your booth attractive and recognizable. The exhibition modular systems stands are obligatory taxable at all exposition centers (accreditation exhibition stand fee). Despite of this we offer a price comparable to the organizers standard stand price with extra ordered services. Our special offer is the standard plus stands with the price from 110 EUR per sq. m.

Individual exhibition stand

Individual exhibition stands allow to realize an unlimited number of options of exhibition space design. Using different exhibition materials and sophisticated technologies you can get any design solutions and embody them into various architectural forms. Individual exhibition stands in Moscow produced by the UNICOM company are featured a high level of preparation with the use of wooden and metal structures. They are used for production of various radial shapes that are decorated with graphics, different materials or painted. During mounting of exhibition stands special technologies are used that ensure the safety and reliability of the design project. If you want to make a good impression and to increase your company brand value such type of exhibition stands is the best solution which is limited by your budget and design ideas only. The price of an individual exhibition stand is from 170 EUR per sq. m.

Two-storied exhibition stand

It’s the best solution for exhibition stands with a number of functional stand areas. This type of booths is characterized not only by sizes but also by its unique architecture, shape and design. Two-storied exhibition constructions made for maximum space efficiency and effective work at your exhibition space. The main element of the stand is a certified metal two-level floor construction equipped with stairs and rails. Two-storied exhibition stands can be decorated both with individual and standard exhibition materials. The price of building of a two-storied exhibition stand is from 250 EUR per sq. m.

Truss exhibition stand and exhibition stand with ceiling suspensions

There is an unspoken rule on the issue of exhibition stands design that there cannot be too much lightning at the exposition. It is often necessary to present products in the best light and dispose your logo to the highest level. Aluminum truss exhibition stands give an opportunity to set a bright lighting for an exhibition space and exhibits. For this purpose suspended truss constructions with decorative and branding elements are used. But an authorized exhibition center company is only allowed to mount such suspended structures to an exhibition pavilion ceiling. The cost of their services is high enough – from 300 EUR per one suspension point. Our team offer an alternative solution – truss exhibition stand and it allows to set lighting equipment as well using the aluminum truss posts mounted on the floor. In this case distance between mounting posts can be even up to 15 m. The price of a truss exhibition stand is from 140 EUR per sq. m.

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